Art By Chelsea - Visual Artist Chelsea Piazza
Spontaneity and impulse are two forces that have always helped me to create my work. A blank canvas comes to life the moment a creative or inspirational thought comes to mind. For me this creative process is more liberating, truthful, and invigorating. This technique allows me the most creative forum for art-making.

I have come to the realization that perhaps my art-making process isn't completely random, but the product of a daydream. My daydreams subconsciously spill onto my canvas, unknowingly capturing my thoughts and visions through paint and technique. When I realize the daydream is my new (finished) piece of work, I title it accordingly and give thanks for this beautiful process called art. These dreams are a tool that helps me to create, in a way, that is so very personal to my painting style and approach.  It has given me the ability to take a daydream, something I can barely visualize, and transfer it onto a canvas for all to see.

My mantra is to create 

all things beautiful, 

evoking the senses

with inner warmth and