Art By Chelsea - Visual Artist Chelsea Piazza

About The Artist

Chelsea Piazza is currently living and working in the beautiful city of Troy, Ny with her boyfriend and russian tortoise Edgar. Chelsea has a bachelor's degree from the University at Albany, she majored in fine arts and minored in art history. The artist also has an associates degree in fine arts, and is a certified interior decorator. Eventually the next step will be graduate school.

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Artist Statement

Zen Buddhist painters believed that enlightenment can be achieved spontaneously, and their paintings should be created only when inspired in as few movements as possible. 
My work is based on impulse. Like Zen Buddhist painters, I only paint when I feel the time is right; and whatever comes to my mind when I first look at a blank canvas I create. I find this practice of Art-making to be more liberating, more truthful, and more invigorating. 
My objective is to use this process of making art like therapy, a way for me to release built up energies. This process relieves mental stress since I do not allow myself the temptation to over-analyze, and take the enjoyment out of painting. Making art in this way helps me to accept that in life sometimes “what will be will be”, and “it is what it is”. 

-Chelsea Piazza, 2010